Orestis Demigiokas

Orestis Dimigiokas is a recent member of the Frodida family. From the very first moment when he found himself at our association's offices, he has managed to inspire us with his soulfulness, character and achievements.


Orestes, who is not yet 30 years old, is a remarkable scientist after completing his studies at the Economic Department of the University of Athens, and then gaining his postgraduate diploma at City University of London . He has worked in the European Parliament in Brussels and in the State Accounting Department in Athens . Today he is doing his PhD in Environmental Economics while teaching at the University of Athens.


In fencing, hehas wonthird place in the Saber and Epee categoriesof the Pan-Hellenic Fencing Championship in a wheel chair. He is currently in the process of preparing to join the rest of the national team in the World Cup in March taking place in Italy, which will be crucial for his participation in the Tokyo Olympics.


Even with just a brief look at his resume, the first thing you can feel is endless admiration for what he has accomplished despite his young age. Adding to the fact thatOrestis has cerebral palsy, this admirationmultiplies infinitely        .


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