We Fill the Grocery Store

There are many daily needs of families that our organizationsupports, but we prioritize their need for clothing, nutrition, books, orthopedic items, trolleys, etc.


It is very useful to donate items such as:

  • new shoes,
  • articles of children's clothing,
  • any kind of food that does not need to berefrigerated*
  • household cleaning items **,
  • educational aids,
  • stationary,
  • new linen, towels, etc and general household equipment,
  • new or minimally-used electric appliances (refrigerators, kitchens, etc.).

* Baby Food - Children's Milk Powder, Baby Foods, Sweet and Sweet Milk, Oil, Macaroni, Rice, Pulses, Flour, Salt, Sugar, Biscuits, Candies,etc

** Disinfectants, Laundry Detergents, Dishwashers, Children's diapers, Personal Hygiene Products (Body Soaps, Shampoos, Toilet Paper, Napkins, Washable Adult Incontinence Pants), etc


For more information contact: 210 4908631 and e-mail: info@frodida.gr

  • We Fill the Grocery Store
  • We Fill the Grocery Store