Fields of Volunteering

Areas of Volunteering:

Experienced Professions:

  •   Doctors
  •   Psychologists
  •   Social worker
  •   Physiotherapists
  •   Speech therapists
  •   Occupational therapists
  •   Special education teachers
  •   Physical Education Teachers

Who can offer their services on a voluntary basis, either for individual cases when needed, or at fixed hours at one’s availabilityat the "Day Care Center for Disabled People" that is being erected in Dafni.


Everyday people without any specific qualificationswho want to contribute and get involved:

  •   Social Grocery (pick up, organization and distribution)
  •   Informing the public about the purpose, actions and events of Frodida
  •   Participation in Bazaars and Exhibitions
  •   Accompanying children to appointments (medical, physiotherapy, ergotherapy, speech therapy etc.)
  •   Athletic activities
  •   Artistic activities
  •   Educational trips

Other specialties:

Depending on your resources and desire, you can suggest to us the way you can help; either for the families or for the construction of the day care center for the disabled (Plumbers, electricians, engineers, etc.)