Frodida (The Care Association) is a Panhellenic Association, to prevent, inform and support people with cerebral palsy, mental handicap and down syndrome.


It was founded in 2008 in Piraeus with the purpose of offering charitable work to families who seek help because of the health problems they face.


Frodida is recognized as a non-profit charity, certified by the Department of Health and the Court of First Instance, 7483/2008.

It is run by a 7-member board of directors and is supervised by the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity and the Prefecture of Piraeus.


It is primarily active in the Attica region and is recognized throughout Greece.


Our Association believes that the cultural level of a society is shown greatly by the way it treats its members who are different or disadvantaged. Our disabled fellow citizens do not cease to be people with personal freedom, dignity and creativity. Although disabled people may have special needs, they have their own individual andunique capabilities, which they develop in remarkable ways constantly. People with disabilities are neither social offenders nor burdens on society, but people who simply deviate from the "average person". We oppose any prejudice, social inequality, and attitude of rejection and mockery towards people with disabilities, and we work towards the emergence and support of their self-evident human rights, education, health, work, and life.