Worry Bonuses

The Ministerial Decisions DY1d / 2792 / 6.3.2001, ΔΥ1δ / 8063 / 9.5.2001 reconstituted the Commission to evaluate the existing welfare benefits system for people with disabilities and to formulate proposals aimed at fairer administration of the system. The Commission participated with its President and Secretary General.


After 10 meetings, the Commission submitted its proposals to the relevant Ministries.


In the Official Gazette of the Hellenic Republic 134 / 29-1-04 ISSUE B have been published the amounts of the Welfare Benefits paid to the various categories of People with Disabilities in accordance with Joint Ministerial Decisions for 2004.2005.2006 and 2007. This GG includes the increases in bonuses for the four-year period 2004-2007.


The invalidity categories eligible for a welfare allowance are as follows :

  2. KOFI
  6. VARIOUS DISABILITY (In the Disability category, various categories of disability include Epilepsy, Diabetes Mellitus, ErythroatosisLukos etc. and are valid for people with disabilities with a 67% or more disability)
  7. PERSPECTIVE (People with cerebral palsy from 0-18 years)
  8. FUEL SUPPLY (People with a lower limb knee disability are entitled to a disability rate of 80% or more or two-foot amputation)


The category of hemodialysis kidney patients receives a dietary allowance equal to the level of the lowest welfare allowance. Beneficiaries of this allowance allowance are also the transplanted heart, liver, lung and bone marrow.


Preemptive Benefit is entitled to uninsured and indirectly insured persons.

If disabled people join the labor market and are insured in an organization then the Welfare Benefit is discontinued. In order to be interrupted, the competent authority must be informed. for the payment of the allowance, a welfare address in due time, according to the Ministry of Justice. signed by the beneficiary as a supporting document with the application for the start of receipt of the allowance.

Discontinuation of the Allowance Benefit when the beneficiary works does not apply to the following categories :

  • FABRICS : When the beneficiary works, he receives a lower amount of welfare allowance.
  • INTERPRETATIONS - STUDENTS : In this category the extraprime paraplegia - quadriplegia benefit is also provided to the employees

People with paraplegia - quadriplegia who are insured by the State or who are uninsured or indirectly insured are entitled to the Prefecture Benefit.

The Insured of IKA (paraplegic - quadriplegic) are entitled to extraprime paraplegic benefit from their insurance company.

Pursuant to Law 3232/04 Gazette 48/12 February 2004, the quadriplegia-paraplegia allowance is also granted to the following categorieswho are insured and pensioners of the insurance organizations under the responsibility of the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance:

  • In those suffering from myasthenia myopathy with RA 67% and above
  • For those who have amputation at the four extremities , from the ankle and up for the two lower limbs and from the wrist and up for the two upper limbs or have a high femoral amputation of the two lower limbs or full amputation of the two upper limbs or respectively amputation a lower end and one upper limb, which can not be applied to an artificial member; and
  • To those who have the same degree of kinetic disability as the instant case b of the previous paragraph.
  • For those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis that causes paraplegia - quadriplegia with PR 67% and above
  • The amount of the allowance for those who have full amputation of one upper or lower limb with a disability percentage of 67% or more , which is not eligible for an artificial member, is fixed at ten times the minimum wage of an unskilled worker as it applies each time.

Disabled people with the following two benefits are excluded:

  1. Blind Allowance
  2. Post-Quadriplegation Allowance for Public Insured or Employees of Public Entities or Local Authorities or Uninsured