What Do We Do

Frodida provides:

  • Prevention - information
  • Social support & rehabilitation
  • Psychological support
  • Medical support
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Material support

Since 2008:

  • We have been “adopting” families, focusing on children with special disabilities and contributing in various ways to our fellow human beings who are in need of help.
  • We have created the Social Grocery, offering free-of-charge necessities - food, baby items, personal hygiene items, etc. - to its families who need it.
  • We collaborate with health specialists and act as mediators for those we support to enjoy a better and more decent living standard.
  • We mediate and guarantee the hospitality of families within the province so that patients can undergo the necessary examinations, surgeries or therapies for their treatment.   
  • We undertake a percentage or total financial sponsorship for cases of treatment or medicinal purchases for our people with special disabilities and a lower standard of living.
  • We inform our people of their rights, as well as support them in cases of issue with policy, corresponding actions of certification and the relevant committees.
  • We undertake a percentage or total financial sponsorship for cases of involvement with Special Sports associated with our country.
  • We also host a sports club that promotes Special Sports.
  • We organize informative meetings, seminars, and lectures to inform and upgrade the quality of life of our people.
  • We coordinate and participate in events that promote volunteering and solidarity.