Disability Certification KEPA

From 1 September 2011, IKA-ETAM established the Disability Certification Center (KEPA), under the Directorate for Disability and Medical Practice of the IKA-ETAM Administration, to work on a unified health initiative with regards to determining the degree of disability of the insured persons of all insurers, including the State, as well as of uninsured persons for whom invalidity certification is required. The Sanitary Committees determine the percentages as defined by Grade disability (K.E.V.A.), as applicable each time (N.3863 / 2010 arth.6).


The work of the KEPA Health Committee is:

  • Determining the invalidity rate for an invalidity pension.
  • Identifying people as Disabled.
  • Determiningthe disability percentage for all social and financial benefits or facilities for which a Disability Requirement is Required.


The KEPA Health Committee deals with:

  • New cases, for people who are interested for the first time in the Disability Committee and are considered.
  • Pending cases where evidence has already been filed but no examination was carried out until 31/8/2011 and no opinion has been issued.
  • Pending cases where the relevant file has been sent to the Health Committee by the insurance institutions but the Health Committee has not processed it yet. (eg extensions to disability pensions).


The Process (Summary)

The person interested will:

  1. Submit an Application for Assessment , with all the supporting documents (administrative and medical - see below), as mentioned in the relevant instructions, at one of the CEPC Secretariats. If his / her Documents (File) are judged by the Preliminary Doctor to be complete, an Application is filed and a receipt is received. Otherwise, the Request from the KEPA Secretariat will not be received and all supporting documents will be returned - in this case the Preliminary Medical Officer must provide the applicant with knowledge of the required supporting documents.
  2. They will be informed by the Central Secretariat of the KEPA, by mail (invitation) of the date and time of meeting with the Health Committee.
  3. After a few days, they hear from the KEPA Secretariat, where the application is initially submitted of the Sanitary Committee's Opinion.
  4. It uses the KEPA's Opinion for any Legal Use and may take copies for the full year of the Tender.



In order to file an application for assessment and determination of the degree of invalidity, the following supporting documents must be provided:


  • Photocopy of a police ID or passport (authenticated). For third-world country nationals residing in Greece, a passport and residence permit in force on the date of filing the application or a certificate of filing of supporting documents for a residence permit.
  • Insurer sickness book (valid only for insured persons) or abusive booklet in force .
  • AMKA number or European insured card .
  • Referendor of the insurer when it comes to a request for retirement or extension of a pension or any allowance granted by the institution.
  • Fee for the receipt of a value of € 46.14 from the IKA-ETAM Financial Services (in the absence of a referral by an institution) or in the case of appeals of insured persons in a LVU. Apostles who request benefits from Providence do not submit a collection fee.
  • Authorization or power of attorney (if the representative has lodged the application) or in the case of failure to provide a mandate or proxy, decision to appoint a legal counsel or any legal document .
  • Medical Information:
  1. Consultation of the attending physician who will be deemed to be the signature of his / her signature. A copy of an opinion will in no case be accepted. The exact details of the referral physician, ie the name of AM TSAY, AMKA, Medical Association, Specialty, Doctor's work (private person, ESY, IKA, EOPYY), telephone, FAX, E-MAIL , will be detailed at the end of the medical report. This opinion will include all the conditions for which the applicant should be examined by the Medical Committee. Also, the medication or other treatment to which the patient is subjected should also be mentioned.
  2. Diseases should be accompanied and documented by medical examinations, X-rays with their findings, CT scans, MRI, biopsies, EMG, triplex, ECG, etc. Copies of medical examinations or past-date laboratory examinations that are believed to contribute to the proper judgment of the committee (eg biopsies) are also accepted.

** In the case of a patient who has been hospitalized, the number of hospital or hospital nursing leave is indicated.

  • Responsible Declaration of L.1599 / 86 with the authenticated signature of the certified physician for the reasons that make it impossible for the patient to be examined . It is not required for the OI if the inability to attend the basic medical opinion or the hospital certificate is indicated.

Relevant documents

Find the attached files in the links below

Contact details of KEPA Offices


General Instructions

Patients who cannot move because of serious motor or other problems can have another person in their vicinity, responsible for their care, deliver the necessary supporting documents that are required and evaluated by the Medical Committees of the KEPA in a procedure defined by the Disability Directorate. It is maintained that each case will be personalized that will guarantee respect for the citizen on the one hand and credibility of the result on the other.


Once all the above documents (administrative and medical) have been collected, the medical check-up is performed and if the data is complete, the application is filed and a certificate of filing the supporting documents is issued. However, if it is considered that more medical data is required, they will be required to be presented. Also, new medical data that may arise from the date of the application until the examination day can be submitted on the day of the examination. Once the application has been registered electronically, a postal alert will be sent on the date and time, as well as on the venue of the meeting of the Health Committee to assess the case.


The KEPA in which the case was examined will issue the Disability Certification Certificate for every legitimate use, where the condition, invalidity rate and duration of the disability will be certified. For the duration of the Endorsement, the Secretariat of the KEPA will issue copies of it if requested. (10) Ten calendar days from the date of the Disclosure DisclosureDisclosure notification to the Secondary Health Committee ( SNE ) by the submission of a fee of EUR 46.14 against the opinion of the Primary Health Committee.


It should be borne in mind that in order to deal with the application submitted, there must be serious and substantiated reasons for the appeal. Therefore, the submission of an appeal against the decision of the Medical Committee by the person concerned should be accompanied by a report clearly indicating why the Opinion delivered by the Health Committee is not substantiated or lawful or otherwise and should be re-examined in the Secondary Health Committee. The appeal form will be issued to the KEPA Secretariats. Applicants for a pension from OGA do not have the right to appeal to the LGB if they are deemed incapable of less than 41% under the law of the organization.



Unless all the required supporting documents have been submitted with your application, the application will not be accepted by the KEPA. Consequently, adhering to the above guidelines will relieve you of unnecessary suffering.