An Association for the prevention, information and support of parents and caregivers of people with disabilities from cerebral palsy to mental retardation, microcephaly and Down syndrome, established in the Municipality of Nikaia-Ag. Ioannis Renti, Attiki and named "The Panhellenic Association of Prevention, Information and Supportfor Parents and Caregivers of Disabled Persons (From Cerebral Palsy – Mental Retardation –Hydrocephalus – Microsephaly – Down Syndrome ) "Frodida". The offices of the Association are located at Ionos Dragoumis Street no. 5.



This association may be a member of a Federation of Associations or a federation of corresponding organizations of any region via the decision of the General Assembly.



The aims of the Association are:

(a) To defend, by any legal means, the moral, social and material interests of people with disabilities that arise from cerebral palsy, mental retardation, microcephaly, and/or Down Syndrome,


b) To provide the best quality of life for people who suffer from disabilities to study at  boarding houses and Professional Rehabilitation and Social Integration Units


c) To ensure continuous efforts to integrate those above into an effective process that establishes workshops to promote the employment of those who cannot join the free labor market, so that all disabled people with disabilities resulting from cerebral palsy, mental retardation, microcephaly, and Down syndrome can attain employment


d) To cooperate with other Associations with similar focuses and aimsin both Greece and abroad, as well as to participate in relevant Community programs,


e) To continue efforts in improving the living conditions of the aforementioned people and to continue efforts of adapting existing institutional framework in our country by participating in collective efforts to assist the state in deciding and promoting legislative training arrangements, care and hospitality centers for severe disabilities, in addition to the establishment of hostels, standard dwellings and autonomous living units,

f) To participate and promote people with disabilities from cerebral palsy, mental retardation, microcephaly, and Down syndrome in athletic activities and the development of Special Sports,


g) To maintain effort in constantly updating and dispersing the results of scientific research and developments in medicine regarding the aforementioned conditions and touseand provide the research in proposals and opinions to competent bodies to address the problems and living conditions of people with disabilities from cerebral palsy - mental retardation - microcephaly - Down syndrome,


h) To continue efforts to ensure equal opportunities for people with disabilities from cerebral palsy - mental retardation - microcephaly - Down syndrome,


i) To establish Parental and Guardian Centers for children with special needs


(j) To drive the involvement and development of supportive networks and structures for the provision of basic economic, social and personal goods to families of people with disabilities whodue to economic or other crisis, are unable to access basic goods such as food, shelter, health, education, and social welfare,


k) To maintain the establishment, operation, management and development of structures, outhouses and services for covering and providing food, shelter, health, care, solidarity and, in particular, finding, renting, purchasing places or places of residence, and hospitality for the members of the families of diseased people or children from the province as long as their relatives are hospitalized, inside and outside of N. Attiki, the establishment and operation of a social grocery for the needs of families of children and / or disabled members, to perform medical, orthopedic and neurological examinations and to provide health and medical care of all levels and specialization, physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and preventive medicine, external scientific associates or volunteers and under the conditions of the law the operation of such spaces of psychologists' offices and social workers, for the provision of the corresponding services to those diseased and to their families, from external and competent scientists, collaborators or volunteers and under the conditions of the law the governance of the operation of such sites,


(l) To continue the study of the documentation of integrated proposals and programs in the fields of employment, education, agricultural production, craft, trade, tourism, culture and infrastructure, as well as their promotion to the competent and respective institutions and bodies and the provision of financial assistance to members of the organization and their families.


m) To inform and raise awareness in the local community, to organize seminars and lectures, to find and maintain suitable venues for seminars and lectures, to mobilize citizens on the aforementioned issues and to develop initiatives for their participation in activities and initiatives towards promoting the aforementioned issues. To findand maintain suitable spaces and rooms for conducting seminars, information programs and career guidance programs in the workplace,

(n) To providegeneral and urgent psychosocial, direct medical, pharmacological, psychological, humanitarian and food aid, by any means (but not limited to the development of a hotline or direct help, collection and distribution of materials).


o) To search, organize (including free concession, rental and purchase) and operate appropriate dance, music, painting, cottage, pottery, wood sculpture and other appropriate creative activities (play, etc.), entertainment, psycho-emotional development and expression,


p) To organize excursions, training or leisure conferences, and in general, any necessary event for professional guidance, psychological development and provision of care and relief services for people with special needs,


(q) To maintain the development and implementation of European programs for people with disabilities, as well as programs that address unemployment and social exclusion; to search for and find suitable work under the conditions of the law, and provide assistance for the smooth integration of people with disabilities into workplaces, production or provision of services,


(r) To initiate initiatives to help people who are seeking to pursue a professional activity to substantially improve their economic, intellectual and social level,


s) To promote the cooperation and communication of the organization with the local government, with students, with scientific, intellectual, working, rural, sports, expatriate, Hellenistic, public or private associations that have common or similar purposes for the promotion of common goals in Greece and abroad,


t) To disseminate the idea of ​​volunteering, the constitution of voluntary groups in Greece and abroad, as well as the participation and development of human networks and solidarity institutions.


(u) To establish boarding schools, hostels, camps, shops and any other supporting structure both in terms of providing services and supply of goods and in terms of employment and development activities in the aforementioned concerns.



For the realization of its goals, the Association will use any legal means such as:


  • The organization of lectures, talks, festivals, exhibitions, meetings, scientific conferences and the publication of all kinds of educational and enlightening material,
  • Informing the relevant government departments and private bodies of the demands from people with disabilities arising from cerebral palsy, mental retardation, microcephaly, and/orDown Syndrome and the pursuit, by any legal means, of their resolutions,
  • Any legitimate event, action or activity aimed at the achievement of the purposes of the Association
  • Participation in a Federation of Associations of any region and cooperation with other Associations with similarpurposes
  • The creation, establishment, and operation of offices and branches in other cities of Greece under the brand name "Frodida"
  • The creation of daycare centers in various cities of Greece under the brand name "Frodida".


In any case, in order to achieve its goals, the Association will make use of the experience and knowledge of its members, members of its Administration and the following means:

  • Providing legal assistance to its members.
  • Raising public awareness through any appropriate means (workshops, conferences, exhibitions, social-cultural events of mass media, etc.)
  • Organizing efforts to represent people with disabilities in the decision-making centers of health services.
  • Strengthening informal interpersonal networks and networking of health services with an organized action program
  • Enhancing procedures for access to information through systematic methodology and use of know-how
  • Ensuring active participation, solidarity and cooperation with health professionals, social actors, the local government, groups and associations of volunteers, families and people with disabilities.
  • Participating in psycho-education procedures for people with disabilities and their families, professionals, employers.
  • Engaging in theoretical and empirical treatment of health and rights issues and placingeffort to contribute to the necessary legislative adjustments.
  • Interveningby Frodida in matters of contracts, arbitration, labor disputes and generally any matter that may have direct or indirect consequence on the issues of health, work and training of the disabled.



As a member of the Association, all the people who are truly interested in offering their help, knowledge, abilities, interest and moral and material support to people with disabilities from cerebral palsy, mental retardation,microcephaly andDown Syndrome. Members are registered at the request of the interested party to the Board of Directors and with the simultaneous written declaration of the candidate that he/she will observe the Statute and the decisions of the Association. The Board of Directors decides whether or not to admit any candidate.



The members of the Association have the right to vote and to stand as a candidate in the elections for the appointment of the Board of Directors, the Audit Committee and the representatives of the Association in various other Organizations. Members are required to attend Meetings, ask about and speak on subject matters and vote, as long as they have fulfilled their financial obligations towards the Association.


Each member pays twenty (20,00) euros and an annual subscription of twenty (20,00) euros upon registration. These amounts vary each year via a decision from the Board of Directors of the Association or, exceptionally, for any amount, specifically to meet the justified needs of the Association



Any member who does not comply with the provisions of the Articles of Association shall be removed by decision of the General Meeting upon a justified proposal by the Board of Directors. Also, the member is deleted by the Board of Directors, in a reasoned decision, in case of delayed payment of his annual contribution beyond the three-month period from the expiration of the respective one, determined by the Board of Directors of the Association. In this case, the deleted member is not entitled to request re-writing until one year after their deletion.



The resources of the Association are: a) subscription rights of each member; b) annual subscriptions; c) extraordinary contributions of members paid following a decision of the Board of Directors; d) grants or benefits from state, municipal and other authorities or organizations, (E) receipts from charitable or cultural charity events, lotteries or any other legitimate source; (f) donations, inheritances, legacies or private aid following an approval by the General Assembly; (g) interest on capital; (h) subscriptions from the distribution of the magazine of the Association with its activities and the Journal of the Association; i) receipts from the carrying out of lotteries for the achievement of its goals; j) receipts from construction, sale products, and articles created or produced by members of the Association and/or volunteers; k) donations offered in the case of marriages, baptisms, funerals, memoirs, etc; and l) receipts through electronic sales, indicative and not restrictedto e-bay, and sales through any legal procedures used by legally established Greek banking companies or financial institutions in general.



The Association is run by a seven-member Board of Directors, elected by ballot papers anda secret ballotevery two years with a regular General Assembly of its members. The General Meetings are held annually at the time and place that the Board of Directors will determine. They will have quorum when at least half the number of members with voting rights are present. If there is no quorum in the first Assembly, a second is called within ten (10) days with the same agenda and issues and there must be at least one third of the voting members. The same is repeated in the Third Invitation for Assembly and there must be at least twenty (20) present members with voting rights.


A member unable to attend the Convention may be represented by another member with a written authorization.


A general meeting may also be held on an extraordinary basis.


The Election is hosted every two years and in the last ten days of the month of January at the end of the term of the respective Board of Directors, after their departure as the Board of Directors. First of all, a three-member electoral committee via the electionis elected.Such persons shall also be entitled to be candidates for the offices of which the elections are being held for. Elections are made only by ballot papers, by secret ballot and by crosstalk. Each member puts a cross of preference to the candidate of their choice.Appointments for the posts are entitled to cast members who have the right to vote if they submit their application to the Association seven (7) days before the elections.



The newly elected members, within eight days of their election, meet at the invitation of the majority of the Board of Directors or the Chairman of the previous Board of Directors of the Association and secretly elect the President, Vice-President, Secretary General and Treasurer. They then receive the administration of the Association and management with a minutes signed by the present, receiving and leaving. The positions of all members of the Board of Directors are honorary and the members  of the Board of Directors. provide their services free of charge.



The Board of Directors meets regularly once a month and extraordinarily when deemed necessary by the Chairman or upon the request of 1/3 of the members of the Association.



The Board of Directors is in quorum when at least four members are present. Decisions are taken by a majority. In a tie, the President's vote takes precedence.



Each member of the Board of Directors, who is summoned and does not attend three meetings or delays their subscriptions beyond three months, is justifiably replaced by the decision of the Board of Directors of the first runner-up.



The Board of Directors manages the property of Frodida responsibly and generally takes care of its interests, arranges and regulates receipts, and generally seeks to improve the interests of the members of Frodida.


The Board of Directors may, in a reasoned decision, assist the members ofFrodida by providing immediate financial assistance in the event of an urgent need or by providing any material goods in the event of a proven inability to self-procure up to a total of 3,000 € per year. For any additional assistance that is in accordance with the law, a General Meeting decision is required of Frodidaby a majority of half of the members with voting rights.



The Chairman directs the meetings of the Board of Directors and General Meetings, prepares and signs the minutes together with the Secretary General and all documents and decisions by the Council. The Chairman represents Frodida together with the Secretary General as authority as well as the cashier in each transaction. In any event, each member of the Board of Directors may entrust the processing of any transaction, including the collection and collection of funds, to a third party, a member of the Association, or an affiliated employee or service or contract, with a relevant signed authorization with a signature.



The Secretary-General keeps and maintains records, stamps, protocol, minutes and generally ensures that the Office of the Association functions properly. They always draft the meetings.

The Vice-Chairman replaces the Chairmanin their absence and generally assists their work.



The Treasurer shall act on all receipts— always with legal proof—, shall keep and update the Association’s Fund Book and shall be responsible for any financial anomalies. They deposit to the Bank or TT Hellenic Post any amount received by the Association. It may have out of deposit only the amount of five hundred euros for the needs of the Association.



The Audit Committee is elected at the same time as the Board of Directors. The first three members elected are the Audit Committee that controls the books of Frodida.



During the General Meetings, the work of Frodida will be reviewed, and in general the Administration will fully inform the members about the course and the needs of the association. The General Assembly is called for with a legitimate invitation signed by the President and Secretary-General or when 1/5 of the members request a meeting. The invitation must be specific and must state the purpose, location and date of the meeting.



Inorder to amend this, a resolution by the General Assembly that would be in accordance with the lawis required from a majority of half of the voting members. With this same procedure, the Association can be dissolved. The associationautomatically dissolves when its members are reduced to less than twenty (20).



The Association has a stamp with the same title of the Association.


The Association is housed in an office where the Board of Directors also meets. The General Meetings take place at the place of the Board of Directors, either at headquarters or elsewhere.


What is not outlined in this Statute is regulated by the law and the decisions of the General Meetings.



All movable and immovable property of the Association in the event of dissolution is contained for safekeeping. Subsequently, during the liquidation, they are also available to an association or other body that has similar purposes as Frodida, based on the decision of the General Assembly which had decided the dissolution of the Association.