Frodida revolves around the desire to offer love to the worldin order to achieve its great goal: creating a center for the care and rehabilitation of children with special disabilities. In this endeavor, our valuable helpers who are our volunteerscontribute substantially to our work.


Volunteer Prerequisites and Profiles

A volunteer can be anyone who has the need and a willingness to help their fellow man. Volunteers can bespecialized health professionals (Doctors, Psychologists, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, etc.) or everyday people who have the desire to offer and give love and care.


How can I help

Our volunteers are just as important as our permanent staff because they are involved in all of our work and they acquire the opportunity to do work usually done by professionals.


Depending on the obligations that arise in each case, our volunteers work according to their availability and desire.Except for emergencies, we will ask for the help of our volunteers, and there are actions that everyone can have a steady presence depending on the time they can spend.


There is an urgent need to staff the "Day Care Center" with specialized non-staff.